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    Batch Numbers

    • The BatchNumbers resource allows you to manage batch numbers on sales orders and sales shipments.
    • An individual batch number details can be viewed by appending its identifier (a GUID formatted as XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX) to the URI. For example: /BatchNumbers/7033d0cb-999d-4ea9-b5f4-23481006f5f0.
    • The pageNumber parameter can be used to view the requested page with 200 records displayed. For example: /BatchNumbers/1.
    • The Page parameter can be used to view the requested page with 200 records displayed. For example: /BatchNumbers/Page/3.

    The full range of URIs and HTTP Verbs supported are:

    Operation HTTP Action
    List all batch numbers. GET /BatchNumbers
    View the batch number with the specified Guid. GET /BatchNumbers/{Guid}
    View the batch numbers for a specific page. GET /BatchNumbers/{pageNumber}
    GET /BatchNumbers/Page/{pageNumber}

    GET BatchNumbers

    The following filters can be used with the GET BatchNumbers endpoint by adding the filter and value to the URI.

    For example: /BatchNumbers?pageSize=100

    Filter Description
    pageSize Specifies the page size for pagination. Default page size is 200 batch numbers.

    Note: Requesting large numbers of batch numbers can be susceptible to poor network performance. Please reduce the page size if you experience delayed requests.
    ProductCode Returns batch numbers attached to the product code.
    WarehouseCode Returns batch numbers attached to the warehouse.
    startDate Returns batch numbers created after a specified date.
    endDate Returns batch numbers created before a specified date.
    expiryFrom Returns batch numbers expired after a specified date.
    expiryTo Returns batch numbers expired before a specified date.
    modifiedSince Returns batch numbers created or edited after a specified date. For example: modifiedSince=2016-07-01, modifiedSince=2016-07-01T19:54:18.060.
    batchNumber Returns a list of batch numbers containing this string.
    available If set to false, returns all batch numbers. Default value is true and returns only the available batch numbers.

    Available Fields for BatchNumbers:

    Field Type Length
    Guid Guid  
    BatchNumber String 50
    ExpiryDate Date  
    Quantity Decimal  
    OriginalQty Decimal  
    ProductCode String 100
    WarehouseCode String 15
    Status String 20
    LastModifiedBy String 50
    LastModifiedOn Date  
    CreatedBy String 50
    CreatedOn Date  

    Examples for Response GET /BatchNumbers

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