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    The Warehouses resource allows Warehouses to be listed.

    The full range of URIs and HTTP Verbs supported are:

    Operation HTTP Action
    List all Warehouses GET /Warehouses
    View the Warehouses for a specific page GET /Warehouses/{pageNumber}
    GET /Warehouses/Page/{pageNumber}

    GET Warehouses

    Available Filters for GET Warehouses

    Filter Description
    modifiedSince Returns Warehouses created or edited after a specified date in UTC time zone. For example: modifiedSince=2024-04-17T23:11:05
    warehouseCode Returns Warehouses that start with the specific warehouse code.
    warehouseName Returns Warehouses that start with the specific warehouse name.

    Note: Date filters should be provided in the ISO format YYYY-MM-DD. The time zone is UTC. Default ordering is done by warehouseCode ascending

    Available Fields for GET Warehouses

    Property Type Length Notes
    AddressLine1 String 500  
    AddressLine2 String 500  
    City String 500  
    ContactName String 50  
    Country String 500  
    DDINumber String 25  
    FaxNumber String 25  
    Guid Guid   Unique identifier.
    IsDefault Boolean    
    LastModifiedOn DateTime    
    MobileNumber String 25  
    Obsolete Boolean    
    PhoneNumber String 25  
    PostCode String 500  
    Region String 500  
    StreetNo String 500  
    WarehouseCode String 15 Unique code.
    WarehouseName String 100  

    Examples for Request GET /Warehouses

    show xml example
    show json example

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