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    The Currencies resource allows currency data to be listed and viewed.

    • /Currencies - Returns the names, codes, and exchange rates for all currencies.

    The full range of URIs and HTTP Verbs supported are:

    Operation HTTP Action
    View the Currencies GET /Currencies

    GET Currencies

    These filters can be used with the GET Currencies endpoint:

    Filter Description
    inUse False by default. If set to true then retrieves only currencies that are deemed in-use, meaning a buy rate is assigned (default currency will not be included).

    Filters are used by adding the filter and value to the URI: /Currencies?inUse=true

    Available Fields for Currencies:

    Property Type Length Notes
    Guid Guid   Unique identifier.
    LastModifiedOn DateTime    
    CurrencyCode String 3  
    Description String 200  
    DefaultBuyRate Nullable Decimal   Given to 6 d.p
    DefaultSellRate Nullable Decimal   Given to 6 d.p

    Examples for Response GET /Currencies?inUse=true

    show xml example
    show json example

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