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    Supplier Returns

    The SupplierReturns resource allows SupplierReturns to be listed and viewed. An individual supplier return details can be viewed by appending its identifier (a GUID formatted as XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX) to the URI. Here are some example URIs:

    • /SupplierReturns/E6E8163F-6911-40e9-B740-90E5A0A3A996 - Returns details of a particular supplier return.
    • /SupplierReturns/Page/1 - Returns the first page of 200 supplier returns.
    • /SupplierReturns/1 - Returns the first page of 200 supplier returns.
    • /SupplierReturns - Returns the first 200 supplier returns because page number 1 is the default.
    • /SupplierReturns/3?pageSize=100 - Returns the third page of 100 supplier returns; ie. the 201st to 300th supplier returns.

    The full range of URIs and HTTP Verbs supported are:

    Operation HTTP Action
    List of paginated SupplierReturns GET /SupplierReturns/Page/{pageNumber}
    View any Supplier Return GET /SupplierReturns/{id}

    GET SupplierReturns

    These filters can be used with the GET SupplierReturns endpoint:

    Filter Description
    pageSize Specifies the page size for pagination. Default page size is 200 Supplier Returns.

    Note: Requesting large numbers of supplier returns can be susceptible to poor network performance. Please reduce the page size if you experience delayed requests.
    supplierCode Returns customers that start with the specific customer code.
    startDate Returns Supplier Returns created after a specified date, must be UTC format.
    endDate Returns Supplier Returns created before a specified date, must be UTC format.
    modifiedSince Returns Supplier Returns created or edited after a specified date, must be UTC format.
    supplierReturnNumber Returns a single supplier return with the specified supplier return number. If set, it overrides all other filters.
    purchaseOrderNumber Returns the supplier return(s) associated with the specified purchase order number.

    Filters are used by adding the filter and value to the URI: /SupplierReturns?SupplierCode=ACME&startDate=2012-01-01

    Available Fields for SupplierReturns:

    Property Type Length
    BaseReturnCostTaxTotal Decimal  
    BaseReturnCostTotal Decimal  
    BaseSubTotal Decimal  
    BaseTaxTotal Decimal  
    BaseTotal Decimal  
    Comments String 1024
    CreatedBy String 50
    CreatedOn DateTime  
    Currency Currency  
    ExchangeRate Nullable Decimal  
    Guid Guid  
    LastModifiedBy String 50
    LastModifiedOn Nullable DateTime  
    PurchaseOrder PurchaseOrder  
    ReturnDate Nullable DateTime  
    Status String 20
    SubTotal Decimal  
    Supplier Supplier  
    SupplierRef String 500
    SupplierReturnCosts SupplierReturnCost Collection  
    SupplierReturnLines SupplierReturnLine Collection  
    SupplierReturnNumber String 20
    TaxRate Nullable Decimal  
    TaxTotal Decimal  
    Total Decimal  
    Warehouse Warehouse  
    XeroTaxCode String 50

    Available Fields for SupplierReturnLines:

    Property Type Length
    AverageLandedPriceAfterReturn Nullable Decimal  
    AverageLandedPriceBeforeReturn Nullable Decimal  
    Comments String 1024
    Guid Guid  
    InvoiceDate DateTime  
    LineNumber Int  
    LineTax Nullable Decimal  
    OrderPrice Decimal  
    OrderQuantity Decimal  
    OriginalOrderLineId Nullable Int  
    Product Product  
    ProductId Int  
    PurchaseOrderNumber String 20
    PurchaseUnitOrderQuantity Decimal  
    PurchaseUnitReturnQuantity Decimal  
    RequiredDate DateTime  
    ReturnCost Decimal  
    ReturnPrice Decimal  
    ReturnQuantity Decimal  
    ReturnReason String 25
    ReturnToSupplier Boolean  
    StockOnHandBeforeReturn Nullable Decimal  
    TaxId Nullable Int  
    TaxRate Nullable Decimal  
    XeroCostOfGoodsAccount String 500
    XeroSalesAccount String 500
    XeroTaxCode String 50

    Available Fields for SupplierReturnCosts:

    Property Type Length
    BCCost Decimal  
    BCTaxCost Decimal  
    BCTotalCost Decimal  
    Cost Decimal  
    CostDate DateTime  
    ExchangeRate Nullable Decimal  
    Guid Guid  
    Refund Boolean  
    Supplier Supplier  
    TaxCode String 50
    TaxCost Decimal  
    TaxRate Nullable Decimal  
    TotalCost Decimal  

    Examples for Response GET /SupplierReturns

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