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    Stock Counts

    The StockCounts resource allows stock counts to be listed.

    The full range of URIs and HTTP Verbs supported are:

    Operation HTTP Action
    List all Stock Counts GET /StockCounts
    View a specific Stock Count GET /StockCounts/{stockCountGuid}

    GET Stock Counts

    Available Filters for GET Stock Counts
    Filter Description
    completedAfter Returns Stock Counts completed after the specified date.
    completedBefore Returns Stock Counts completed before the specified date.
    endDate Only return Stock Counts created before a specified date.
    modifiedSince Returns Stock Counts created or modified since the specified date.
    startDate Only return Stock Counts created after a specified date.
    warehouseCode Returns Stock Counts with the specified warehouse code.
    Note: Date filters should be provided in the ISO format YYYY-MM-DD.
    Available Fields for GET Stock Counts
    Property Type Length
    CompletedDate Nullable DateTime
    CostOfGoodsAccount String 500
    CountDate DateTime
    CountType String 10
    Description String 200
    Guid Guid
    Status String 20
    StockCountLines StockCountLine collection
    StockTakeCode String 20
    StockTakeName String 500
    Warehouse Warehouse
    Available Fields for GET Stock Count Lines
    Property Type
    AvailableQuantity Decimal
    AverageLandPriceAtTimeOfStockTake Nullable Decimal
    CountQuantity Nullable Decimal
    ExpiryDate Nullable DateTime
    Guid Guid
    LineNumber Integer
    OnHandQuantity Decimal
    Product Product
    ReceiptFIFODate DateTime
    Available Fields for GET Warehouse
    Property Type Length
    Guid Guid
    WarehouseCode String 15
    WarehouseName String 100
    Available Fields for GET Product
    Property Type Length
    Guid Guid
    ProductCode String 100
    ProductDescription String 500

    Examples for Response GET /StockCounts

    show xml example
    show json example

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