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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Note: Contact support@unleashedsoftware.com if your question is not answered here.

    Do you have sample code in C#/NET?

    View C# sample code here

    Do you have sample code in PHP?

    View PHP sample code here

    Is the API rate limited?

    Yes, the rate limit is determined by the Unleashed version that you are subscribed to. For more information, see API Pricing.

    What is an API call?

    An API call is any request sent or response received from the API. API Usage is measured as the number of calls made to the Unleashed API.

    Note: Usage via the browser and managed integrations such as Xero, Quickbooks Online, Vend, Magento, Shopify or SalesForce does not count as API usage. The number of API calls you can make is based on the subscription plan. You can view the limits and usage details on this page: Integration Store | Unleashed API Access. Link: Unleashed API Access.

    Can the API notify new orders to my application using some form of callback (push model)?

    No, you will need to poll the API to check for new data (pull model).

    Will there be an option to filter requests by last updated date so that we can get only the new orders?

    The SalesOrders endpoint now has an optional modifiedSince parameter. The format is yyyy-mm-dd and must be in UTC time.

    How does Unleashed reconcile new customers/suppliers with Xero contacts, do I need to add the contact to both?

    When a Sales Order is completed we will create the contact in Xero.

    Does Unleashed supply XSD files for the API?

    No not yet, these may be supplied in a future release.

    Does the API always run as SuperUser or can some calls fail due to insufficient permissions?

    The API has full access to the Unleashed account.

    Do I have to supply an OrderNumber for new sales orders?

    The order number is optional - if it is not provided, we will use the current sales order numbering sequence and take the next number in the sequence for use as the order number. Alternatively, you can have your own numbering sequence. Use a different prefix to ensure that there is no clash with Unleashed.

    Do I have to provide orders values that can be calculated from other values already provided, eg SubTotal, TaxTotal and Total?

    Yes, we leave all calculations up to you so that you can implement complex tax rules for yourself.

    Can I send a completed order through the API?

    Yes, you can send a status of Completed and it will attempt to complete the order. If it fails then it stays as Parked.

    What fields are required for the Products API?

    Guid, ProductCode, ProductDescription

    What fields are required for the Customers API?

    Guid, CustomerCode, CustomerDescription

    What fields are required for the SalesOrders API?

    Guid, OrderNumber, OrderStatus (only “Parked” or “Completed”), Customer, Currency, Warehouse and Tax

    How do I indicate which customer or currency or etc an order should be for?

    You can use either:

    • Customer Guid or CustomerCode.
    • Currency Guid or CurrencyCode.
    • Warehouse Guid or WarehouseCode.
    • Tax Guid or TaxCode.
    • Product Guid or ProductCode.

    Can I POST multiple products, customers or orders in one request?

    No, not yet, this may be added in the future.

    How do I indicate that a field’s value is NULL?

    Use the XML xsi:nil="true" attribute: <Width xsi:nil="true" />

    If I leave off a tag will the system default it/preserve it (for create/update)?

    No, the field value will be overwritten with NULL in Unleashed.

    Does the API differentiate between an empty tag (e.g. <ReceivedDate />) and null tags (e.g.<ReceivedDate xsi:nil="true" />)?

    Both are treated as NULL.

    Use the API Sandbox to see how the object is rendered in JSON or XML.

    Note: An Unleashed account is required before you can use the API Sandbox.

    Trial accounts are also allowed to connect to the API.
    You can register a new account here: Register.