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    Supplier Return Reasons

    The SupplierReturnReasons resource allows Supplier Return Reasons to be listed.

    • /SupplierReturnReasons - returns a list of all Supplier Return Reasons

    The full range of URIs and HTTP Verbs supported are:

    Operation HTTP Action
    List all Supplier Return Reasons GET /SupplierReturnReasons

    Note: This endpoint does not support Batch or Serial numbers. These will need to be entered manually via the web.

    GET SupplierReturnReasons

    These filters can be used with the GET SupplierReturnReasons endpoint:

    Filter Description
    reason Only return supplier return reasons that start with the specific reason.
    modifiedSince Only supplier return reasons values modified after a specific date.

    Available Fields for SupplierReturnReasons:

    Property Type Length Required Notes
    Reason String 25 Yes  

    Examples for Request GET /SupplierReturnReasons

    show xml example
    show json example

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