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    Customer Delivery Addresses

    The CustomerDeliveryAddresses resource allows CustomerDeliveryAddresses to be listed.

    • /CustomerDeliveryAddresses - returns a list of all Customer Delivery Addresses.

    The full range of URIs and HTTP Verbs supported are:

    Operation HTTP Action
    List all Customer Delivery Addresses GET /CustomerDeliveryAddresses

    GET CustomerDeliveryAddresses

    These filters can be used with the GET CustomerDeliveryAddresses endpoint:

    Filter Description
    customerCode Only return customers that start with the specific customer code

    Note: Default ordering is based on the field customerId ascending

    Available Fields for CustomerAddress:

    Property Type Length Required Notes
    Addresses CustomerDeliveryAddress collection      
    CustomerCode String   Yes  

    Available fields for CustomerDeliveryAddress:

    Property Type Length Required Notes
    AddressName String      
    AddressType String      
    City String      
    Country String      
    DeliveryInstruction String 500    
    PostalCode String      
    Region String      
    StreetAddress String      
    StreetAddress2 String      
    Suburb String      
    Obsolete Boolean true,false    

    Examples for Request GET /CustomerDeliveryAddresses

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    show json example

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