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    The Suppliers resource allows Suppliers to be listed and viewed. An individual Supplier’s details can be viewed by appending its identifier (a GUID formatted as XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX) to the URI. Here are some example URIs:

    • /Suppliers - returns a list of all Suppliers;
    • /Suppliers/E6E8163F-6911-40e9-B740-90E5A0A3A996 - returns details of a particular Supplier;

    The full range of URIs and HTTP Verbs supported are:

    Operation HTTP Action
    List all Suppliers GET /Suppliers
    View any Supplier GET /Suppliers/{id}

    GET Suppliers

    These filters can be used with the GET Suppliers endpoint:

    Filter Description
    pageSize Specifies the page size for pagination. Default page size is 200 suppliers.

    Note: Requesting large numbers of suppliers can be susceptible to poor network performance. Please reduce the page size if you experience delayed requests.
    supplierCode Only return suppliers that start with the specific supplier code
    contactEmail Only return suppliers that have a contact email that starts with the specified email address
    modifiedSince Returns suppliers created or edited after a specified date. For example: modifiedSince=2016-07-01, modifiedSince=2016-07-01T19:54:18.060.

    Filters are used by adding the filter and value to the URI: /Suppliers?supplierCode=ACME

    Available Fields for Supplier:

    Property Type Length Notes
    Addresses Address collection   You can have the following Address Types: Postal and Physical
    BankAccount String    
    BankBranch String    
    BankName String    
    DDINumber String    
    Email String    
    Currency Currency    
    FaxNumber String    
    GSTVATNumber String    
    Guid Guid   Unique identifier. Can only be set when adding a record.
    CreatedBy String 50  
    CreatedOn DateTime    
    LastModifiedBy String 50  
    LastModifiedOn Nullable DateTime    
    LeadTimeDays Nullable Decimal    
    MobileNumber String    
    Notes String    
    Obsolete Boolean    
    PhoneNumber String    
    PurchaseOrderCostDistributionMethod String 15  
    SupplierCode String   Unique code. Can only be set when adding a record.
    SupplierName String    
    Taxable Nullable Boolean true,false  
    TaxRate Nullable Decimal    
    TollFreeNumber String    
    Website String    
    XeroContactId String    

    Available Fields for Address:

    Property Type Length
    AddressType String 20
    AddressName String 500
    StreetAddress String 500
    StreetAddress2 String 500
    Suburb String 500
    City String 500
    Region String 500
    Country String 100
    PostalCode String 500

    Examples for Request GET /Suppliers

    show xml example
    show json example

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