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    API status codes

    Status Codes returned by the API

    Status Code Description
    200 OK Operation was successful
    400 Bad Request The request was not in a correct form, or the posted data failed a validation test. Check the error returned to see what was wrong with the request.
    403 Forbidden Method authentication failed
    404 Not found Endpoint does not exist (eg using /SalesOrder instead of /SalesOrders)
    405 Not allowed The method used is not allowed (eg PUT, DELETE) or is missing a required parameter (eg POST requires an /{id} parameter)
    500 Internal Server Error The object passed to the API could not be parsed

    Use the API Sandbox to see how the object is rendered in JSON or XML.

    Note: An Unleashed account is required before you can use the API Sandbox.

    Trial accounts are also allowed to connect to the API.
    You can register a new account here: Register.