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    Java sample code

    The Java sample API client can be downloaded from here

    How to….

    Test API connection Java code with Eclipse:

    1. Download/Install Eclipse Standard Kepler
    2. Create new generic project
    3. Uncompress Eclipse project file
    4. Import the recently decompressed project into the generic project folder created in step 2.
    5. Set your API endpoint in SalesOrderGetById.java and SalesOrderSave.java
    6. Set your test credentials in UnleashedApiExamples.java
    7. Right click on any “@Test” in the file UnleashedApiExamples.java and select “Run as.. JUnit test”

    Use the API Sandbox to see how the object is rendered in JSON or XML.

    Note: An Unleashed account is required before you can use the API Sandbox.

    Trial accounts are also allowed to connect to the API.
    You can register a new account here: Register.